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Exercise 7

Problem 1 (50 points)

Write two Python functions that, given a list of n points as an array p[n][2] find circle contained within that set using (a) the Hough transform and (b) RANSAC.  Generate your own test cases consisting of random samples from a circle plus uniform background noise.  Hand in the code and show output from your function.

Problem 2 (50 points)

Implement template matching with the Fourier transform.  That is, write a function template_match(T,I) that takes a template T and an image I and returns an array the same size as I where each pixel value corresponds to the sum of the squared differences between the template placed at that location and the image.  Handle the case where T is smaller than I correctly.  Select/create sample images to test your implementation from the web.  Hand in your code and show your output.